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Happy New Year from the Original Art Team

by Ian on December 31, 2013

happy new year cristopher ernest 150x128 Happy New Year from the Original Art Team

Cristopher Ernest

We hope you have an artful 2013

The original art team wish you a happy and fruitful New Year. We have searched to try and find you some original art which commemorates this festive period but we have largely drawn a blank. Perhaps it is a period when artists celebrate and don’t create.

The opposite is true with art to commemorate the Chinese New Year.

There is a wealth of original art depicting the Chinese New Year. Lots of it revolves around which animal is celebrated.

But the Chines New Year is not until 10 Feb and it is the year of the snake.

So we will restrict ourselves to showing just one Chinese print…

Symbols of Good Fortune and Longevity Happy New Year from the Original Art Team

Symbols of Good Fortune and Longevity


Merry Christmas : some famous paintings

by Julie on December 24, 2013

Santa Merry Christmas : some famous paintingsA Merry Christmas from the Original Art team

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Marjana Wjasnova: Abstract Art

March 11, 2013

Marjana Wjasnova – symbolic and spiritual art:   Lots of artists are more than fulfilled by reflecting what they see. And we like that. That is why landscape paintings are so popular especially at art auctions and art fairs. Where would the print industry be without landscape art? Other artists try to reflect their thoughts, [...]

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Nicola Grellier: oil paintings and collage

February 13, 2013

Introduction: Nicola Grellier: Nicola Grelllier has in recent years lived in either London (where she trained as an artist) and in Stroud in Gloucestershire. At times  her original art has benefited from the buzz of city life in London and at other times from the peace and tranquility to be experienced in the Gloucestershire hills [...]

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Shelagh Atkinson: Abstract landscapes and Portraits:

January 21, 2013
Along the Fontanka; St Persburgh

Shelagh Atkinson: Places: Shelagh Atkinson is essentially an abstract painter with her work sub-divided between the themes of Places (landscapes) and Portraits. In the current political climate – best classified as neoliberalism- much of her work is a retrospective retreat to an earlier political era dominated by Soviet Russia and Miners leaders of the 1980′s. [...]

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Diana Mackie; landscape art

December 3, 2012
Scots Pines

Diana Mackie: Contemporary Landscape Artist: Looking outwards from her studio window on the Isle of Skye, across the ocean, towards the Outer Hebrides, is the view which inspires, Diana Mackie – a contemporary landscape artist. Here perched on the North West corner of Scotland there is constant changes in the weather – often all in [...]

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Elizabeth Armstrong: modern equine artist.

September 25, 2012
Armstrong- Hard Core Hunting

Horse Artists - pre and post camera. Before the invention of the camera artists found it next to impossible to capture horses galloping. Many famous Renaissance artists attempted to capture horses in motion but were much more successful in depicting horses stationary or rearing up. Leonardo produced many detailed sketches of horses but he was inspired [...]

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Angela Wakefield: Landscape art and portraits:

August 22, 2012
Along the Fontanka; St Petersberg

Angela Wakefield: urban artist and portrait artist: The first thing you notice about the original art of Angela Wakefield is her overt sympathy for the urban environment with which she is familiar. Her work evokes a political empathy with those (who perhaps less fortunate economically ) still inject vibrancy and colour in to what might [...]

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Oliver Bloom: Abstract and Figurative Art.

August 7, 2012

Oliver Bloom: Abstract and  figurative artist: To say the least Oliver Bloom is one of the most multi-talented artist we have come across. His original art ranges across many genres including abstract art, figurative art, sculpture, photography, still life and street and landscapes. No doubt you get the picture. This guy has real talent and [...]

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Charlotte Greenwood: Oil paintings,portraits and drawings

July 10, 2012
Self Portrait

Charlotte Greenwood: portraits. Charlotte Greenwood has had a very varied artistic career. She first studied sculpture at Chelsea College of Art & Design where she gained a honours degree -BA. After graduation from Chelsea, Charlotte moved to live and develop fir artistic ambitions in Celas in France. Here she concentrated on her interest in painting [...]

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