Roger Norris Adams – Painter and Illustrator

by Craig on September 1, 2010

Roger Norris Adams – landscape art – watercolours

While discussing his stunning watercolor painting ‘Mid Wales Pen Y Fan’, Roger said: ” Anyone who has experience of climbing to the top of the highest mountain in Mid-Wales ‘Pen Y Fan’ in the Brecon Beacons National Park will appreciate it’s majestic beauty. It is a view I have drawn and painted in all seasons, in spectacular light. and sky formations. It is a scene which never fails to inspire me to paint. I also have the added bonus that I can see and draw this view directly from my studio.” Understandable that with a view like that, he would be able to create such a beautiful painting:

home image1 300x209 Roger Norris Adams – Painter and Illustrator

Home Image

He also did another painting titled “Evening light on Pen y Fan” in lovely watercolor.

Brecon Beacons National Park is located on the eastern shores of England. It received National Park designation in 1957 and there are remnants of a medieval manorial economic system where crops were grown. The park is also the location where the Arthurian stories of Lady in the Lake and Excalibur legends began. With a backdrop this beautiful, is is easy to see where Roger gets his inspiration.

Roger Norris Adams – portraits

Although he does the occasional abstract piece, his focus is on landscapes and portraits. His painting ‘Passing the Time of Day’ is of a group of older people sitting out waiting for time to pass:

Passing the time of Day 300x220 Roger Norris Adams – Painter and Illustrator

Passing the Time of Day

Roger’s illustrations are just as informative of his character and talent as his paintings. He believes that an artist’s sketchbook is “…is an artist’s bible to record and develop all sorts of thoughts and daily situations that can be applied to major works.” A great example is

sketch 4 300x252 Roger Norris Adams – Painter and Illustrator

Aketch 4

This page of sketches shows the beautiful scenery surrounding his studio. Using his degree in Graphics & Illustration, Roger has done graphic work for sales promotion brochures as well as illustrating architectural residential perspectives.

For more information on his original art and affordable art, visit Roger Norris’s own website :

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