Stephen B Whatley – expressionism

by Craig on September 12, 2010

Stephen B Whatley – Expressionist Oil Paintings

Crown Jewels 217x300 Stephen B Whatley – expressionism

Crown Jewels

Stephen B Whatley is an expressionist oil painter who paints still-life portraits, landscapes and most notably architectural landmarks located in London. Stephen’s unique style of painting focuses on the pure primary colors of red, blue and yellow and fuses them together to form shadows that consist of purples, greens, oranges and browns.

Stephen was born in 1965 in London and still lives there today. He was formally trained at the Ipswich School of Art 1981 – 1983, the Norwich School of Art 1983-86 and at the University of London 1986-87. Stephen is also lectures part time at Kensington and Chelsea College.

Stephen B Whatley – portraits and landscape art

barack obahma 241x300 Stephen B Whatley – expressionism

Barack Obama

Stephen has had increased success over the last few years. In 2008 TIME magazine selected his portrait of Barack Obama for publication and in 2009 MAJESTY magazine had a major feature on Stephen’s Royal paintings. Stephen has been commissioned by The BBC; London Transport Ltd; the Royal Collection & Historic Royal Palaces to paint various works.

Tate Gallery Centenary Tribute 300x227 Stephen B Whatley – expressionism

Tate Gallery - Centenary Tribute

After the death of his mother in 1981 due to a car accident, Stephen B Whatley turned to art in order to escape his grief and is quoted as saying, “Art saved my life – and I have a deep appreciation of love and the beauties of the natural world that I am blessed to see – and feel through my creativity. I also have an interest in the fantastic and curious – and easily see the funny side of happenings – thank God for humour.”

The Wakefield St. Thomass Tower1 300x194 Stephen B Whatley – expressionism

The Wakefield & St. Thomas's Tower

For more examples of Stephen B Whatley’s original art and affordable art, please visit:

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